When your St. Charles County home needs mold removal, there is no time to waste. All molds have the capacity to cause adverse health effects ranging from asthma attacks to serious respiratory infections. If you have discovered that your home is contaminated with mold, let Rapid Dry locate the exact sources of the mold and eliminate them so your home will once again be safe and comfortable.

To start, it’s essential to do a full evaluation of the extent of mold contamination so that all mold can be eliminated in one operation. Otherwise, mold can return and the entire job will need to be done again. Any missed mold can not only continue to degrade air quality, it can also damage building integrity by compromising structural components.

The scope of Rapid Dry’s mold removal includes:

  • Physically removing mold – simply bleaching surfaces will not do the job
  • Eliminating materials that cannot be disinfected
  • Locating hidden sources of moisture or pockets of mold growth in spots such as behind drywall or under wallpaper
  • Identifying less obvious areas that need to be disinfected such as air handlers or ducts
  • Removing all contaminated materials from the premises for disposal
  • Preventing health problems during mold removal by ensuring all workers are properly protected from exposure
  • Adhering to the standards of the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification which establishes the requirements for mold remediation and water removal in St. Charles County, Missouri.

Thorough Mold Removal Means Eliminating Moisture, Too

Mold requires water or moisture for it to take root and spread. Rapid Dry is qualified to eliminate moisture as well as any mold that has resulted. Of course, any sources of water such as leaks or broken pipes must be repaired promptly to prevent regrowth.

If your home has been diagnosed with mold problems or if you suspect there may be mold, Rapid Dry is the right place to call. We can help you get your life back to normal as fast as possible. We even have general contractors on our staff so we can manage any rebuilding that might be needed after mold removal.

We’re proud of our ratings on Angie’s List and the Better Business Bureau and strive to provide excellent service to our neighbors in St. Charles. Call Rapid Dry as soon as you need mold remediation in your St. Charles County home. Reach us at (314) 291-8888.

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