If you’ve experienced flood or severe water damage to your St. Charles County home, you’ve probably worried that water removal services might never make it livable again. The good news is that with properly trained technicians armed with the right equipment, it is possible to reverse your water damage and restore your home.

By putting Rapid Dry on the job, you get the right equipment, the right decontamination solutions, the right techniques and the right knowledge needed to return your home to livability. A water damage removal job must be done right to prevent future damage from developing. Our techs arrive on your site quickly with the services, equipment and even the homeowner advice needed, such as:

  • Building inspection to ensure the structure is safe for water removal and restoration work
  • Knowing where hidden pockets of water tend to accumulate and finding every one
  • Aggressively cleaning and disinfecting every surface that could be contaminated
  • Advising the homeowner on which items must be disposed of and which can be salvaged
  • Preventing mold and rot by letting you know when your home has dried sufficiently for you to start rebuilding
  • Using sound safety procedures to minimize contamination to family, employees or pets

Two Most Important Factors in Water Removal

To protect your investment in your St. Charles County area home, water removal must be rapid and thorough. You must get the water out of your home rapidly, before mold or bacteria can get a foothold. And every pocket of water inside wall cavities or under flooring must be eliminated. Every spot that was exposed to water must be first cleaned of contaminants, then disinfected and finally thoroughly dried. This is our expertise, what we do all day, every day.

We offer every customer our Water Damage Golden Pledge Price Guarantee. This means that we will work with your insurance company to ensure that you never have to pay more than your deductible. When you know your costs are limited to your deductible, you can relax and begin planning the rest of your recovery.

We’re very proud of our reputation and our online ratings with the Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List, among others.

For a FREE water damage estimate in St. Charles County, call Rapid Dry, LLC right now at:

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We offer water damage restoration services in the St. Charles County area including
St Charles, Lake St. Louis and O’Fallon Missouri.

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