St. Louis Mold Removal

Mold Problems?

Only an expert should handle a mold removal situation. Rapid Dry is staffed with mold remediation technicians in the St. Louis Missouri area who can diagnose and treat contamination properly. Whether your environmental needs are complex or simple, Rapid Dry is a full- service mold and indoor air quality consulting firm in St. Louis, MO. With a certified staff and reasonable pricing, we pride ourselves on the ability to solve your mold and indoor air quality problems quickly and economically. 

Don’t Delay Cleaning Up Mold

Delaying water damage repairs can cause multiple other issues such as mold growth, insurance refusing to pay, health and safety issues, and many other problems.

Our Mold Removal & Cleanup Experience

Rapid Dry uses state-of-the-art equipment to inspect both commercial and residential properties. We specialize in investigating mold and water damage, as well as remediation (removal) of the problems that exist based on the findings. With licensed general contractors on staff, we also offer reconstruction services, if desired or needed. We do a great deal of work for several property management firms, homeowners, and real estate agents in the St. Louis Metro area servicing both Missouri and Illinois. Our mold cleanup experience in providing environmental services for our clients enables us to obtain results quickly and thoroughly, resulting in a smooth and seamless transition back to normal life.

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