O’Fallon is a great place to call home, and there are things to do to keep you busy any time of the year. The Renaud Spirit Center recreation complex allows you to swim and exercise even when the weather gets cold, and you’re sure to enjoy a picnic in the park or a fun-filled River City Rascal’s baseball game. While life is exciting in O’Fallon, it can really get interesting when you discover your home has been impacted by flooding or water damage. It’s important to put everything on hold when this situation arises as putting off water damage restoration results in further issues and a progression of costly problems.

What You Can Do

Water damage is tricky business, and there are so many hidden nooks and crannies that can become impacted that you’d never think of. That’s why it’s so important to hire the professionals. Our water damage restoration staff has access to both the tools and knowledge to ensure a thorough job is performed. However, there are ways in which you can help. While you wait for us to arrive with all of our equipment, you can:

  • Turn off the water main if the problem stems from plumbing
  • Turn off the electricity breaker to decrease the chances of someone getting hurt
  • Move possessions such as appliances and furniture in danger of becoming damaged if safe for you to do so
  • If you own a sump pump, begin removing standing water until we arrive

Offering a Helping Hand

We have worked with a number of clients in the O’Fallon area going through exactly what you’re facing, so we understand just how stressful this problem can become. When you work with our water damage restoration staff, however, you can rest assured that we’re skilled in getting to the root of the issue, and we get to work quickly restoring your home.

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