Date: 6/6/16

Job location: Saint Louis, MO

Findings: Customer called us about water damage in her laundry room, and the bathroom below that room. Upon inspecting the walls, there were signs of microbial growth behind the drywall.

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After our findings, we came up with a plan. We contained the laundry room and Bathroom using 6 mil plastic to create a barrier and protect the rest of the home from being contaminated.

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We then set up a negative air system in both the laundry room and the bathroom. This is also used to protect the rest of the home from being contaminated.

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We used a HEPA air scrubber to capture any mold spores that could have been spread throughout the remediation process. All affected drywall was removed and bagged into double bags. All surfaces were HEPA vacuumed, dried, and treated with an Anti-Microbial spray.

Once all of these steps were taken, we removed our equipment and completed the process by moving the owner’s belongings back to the original places, and cleaning up any mess we had made.

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