December 23, 2015

st-louis-water-extraction st-louis-water-damage

We had a resident contact us due to water damage they discovered in their St. Louis home’s basement. The source of the water damage ended up being due to a gardener that placed too much mulch next to the home. The mulch collected water and allowed water to seep through the foundation causing numerous problems.

Rapid Dry’s water extraction technician was on-site to this building within 30 minutes to do a proper water damage inspection by using infrared cameras to trace the source of the water and ensure all areas were treated and properly dried and extracted . After the original mulch problem was fixed, our state certified and licensed water extraction technicians arrived and were able to use appropriate structural drying and water extraction techniques to get the water extracted before it became a mold problem.

If you have a water damage problem in St Louis, be sure to call Rapid Dry and get the issue solved before it causes more damage.

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