We are all susceptible to this common problem. Whether you have recently experienced a water leak or went on vacation and left moisture to sit over a st. louis county mold remediationlong, hot summer, the telltale musty smell when you enter the home is often all the evidence you need that mold has developed. In just a short 48 to 72 hours, new mold can begin to infiltrate the walls of your St. Louis County area home, and it’s sometimes even hidden out of your site. Unfortunately, it can produce allergens and other irritants which can lead to health problems. Whether you know there’s a problem or only suspect, getting professional help now can save you time and stress later. Mold removal and remediation may be your answer.

Not A Do-It-Yourself Project

With the Internet, it’s easier than ever to embark on do-it-yourself projects. While there are helpful tips out there to help reduce mold, it’s impossible to see and even more difficult to ensure you have thoroughly eradicated the problem. Our St. Louis County team of mold removal experts is equipped with the latest technology not only to appropriately detect mold in your home, but also to get to the source and best ensure your home’s mold levels are returned back to normal. We place a high value on the health of you and your loved ones, and we make sure to answer any questions as well as provide valuable advice on how to prevent the problem from once again getting out of hand.

Making Your House Feel Like Home

Your house is your safe haven from the outside elements. However, when mold makes its infiltration, you can feel as though you are being invaded. We make it our mission to help you regain the control you deserve. From the removal process to helping you get your humidity levels normalized and more, we stay with you until the problem is properly handled and under control.

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