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About Rapid Dry of St Louis

Rapid Dry is your only source for Sewage Backup, Water Damage Clean-Up and Mold Removal in the Saint Louis Metro area. Our specialty is Rapid, Fast, Friendly and Quality Service to get you back to a pre-loss condition. Let the experts handle your water removal situation today. From Water Extraction and Sewage Clean-Up to Mold removal. We are your indoor air quality and cleanliness experts.

It can happen to us when we least expect it. Water damage in St. Louis, Missouri comes in many forms. Whether you had a pipe burst in your bathroom or mother nature has taken a turn for the worse and brought flooding to the home front, the effects can be devastating.

Not only does water and flood damage cause structural issues that put your home in danger, but it also introduces the possibility of the development of harmful mold, fungus and spores. Hopefully we won’t have to removal any mold from your home, but we are more than qualified to do so if necessary. If you have recently suffered from water damage and need restoration services, getting our professional help now is crucial.

Fully Certified & Trained Technicians

We take our work seriously at Rapid Dry of St Louis. When it comes to water damage, sewage backups or mold remediation we believe that it is necessary for all of our technicians to be fully trained and certified to ensure we give our clients the highest level of service.

Full Assessment of the Issue

When you work with our expertly trained and seasoned St. Louis area staff, you can rest assured that we don’t take shortcuts. We get to the root of the problem by doing a full analysis of the home to correctly identify the source. Once this happens, we can reverse the problem, begin checking for any possible contaminated water, and walk you through the options available to restore your home back to its original state. We work affordably with your insurance company to mitigate any money out of pocket! The safety of you and your family is our number one concern, and we are here to find potential issues as well as ask you the right questions to better diagnose any issues that may be hidden from plain sight.

With You Every Step of the Way

Anyone who has ever went through the water restoration process knows it is a stressful one, and our St. Louis staff understands there are many uncertainties running through your head. That’s why we make sure to stay with you every step of the way. From initial inspection to making the final touches, our professionals are available to address your questions and concerns. From safety concerns to structural questions and more, we are here. There is life after water damage, and we are available to help you get back on your feet.

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