St. Louis Sewage Clean-up

Sewage Backup?

While water spills and leaky pipes are problematic, having a sewage backup on your St. Louis property is on a whole other level. Not only do you face
the similar problems of structural damage and the development of mold, but you also have the worry of the viruses, bacteria and microbes present in sewage. If you have recently experienced a sewage backup, it’s crucial you get it taken care of as quickly as possible as it can easily cause serious illness. Our talented and able staff is here to offer our tools and expertise to help you clean up the mess and prevent future problems from arising.

Understanding the Types of Water

When it comes to St. Louis, MO sewage cleanup, there are three basic types of water we look for. Clean water poses little health threats, is clear, and often results from a leaky pipe. However, when not addressed, it can change into the second type: gray water. This water is contaminated and could come from various sources including:

  • Washing machine overflow
  • Toilet overflow with the presence of urine
  • Dishwasher overflow
  • Sewer backup into home

Don’t Delay Sewage Cleanup

The presence of black water, which could contain any combination of sewage, harsh chemicals and harmful bacteria, is extremely dangerous and could result in serious health problems. Our sewage clean up staff is skilled at identifying the level of problem you have and getting your St. Louis house back in order

Here When You Need Us

It’s impossible to predict when a sewage problem will strike; however, when it does, we understand you need prompt attention to limit the dangers these types of issues often pose. Our staff is here to offer our services whenever you may need them, and we have access to the latest tools in the industry. Your health and home are important, and we make it our mission to keep you in control of both.

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